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Aloes P.E.
Product Name: Aloes P.E.
Latin Name: Aloe vera L.
Original plant: Aerial part of aloes                                   
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder
Active Ingredients: Aloin
Specification: Aloin20%  40%  98%  10:1
Assay Method: HPLC 
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight: 418.40
CAS No.: 1415-73-2 
Storage condition: Sealed in well-closed container and avoid moisture and light.
Package: Aluminum foils vacuum bag or Fiber Drum  
Valid period:
2 years with original packing under right storage condition
Pharmacology Action: 

Help building the liver, calming the mind, arresting sweating, promoting the production of body fluid. It can be used for weakness and trouble, insomnia, terror and dreaminess, weak health, hyperhidrosis, deficiency of the body fluid and thirsty.

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