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Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond is obtained from the seed of sweet almond by refined method.  Its fruit generally contains only one seed : the almond, from which approximately 50% of oil is extracted.

Sweet Almond oil is highly unsaturated vegetable oil, Its nutrition mainly contains oleic acid, linolenic. The sweet almond oil has regenerating, restructuring and hydrating properties. Rich in vitamins, it is recommended for dry and delicate skins. It is used for body and hair cares.


 Palmitic Acid        C16:0 3.0-9.0%
 Stearic Acid          C18:0 0.0-3.0%
 Oleic Acid             C18:1 60.0-78.0%
 Linoleic Acid        C18:2 10.0-30.0%
 linolenic acid       C18:3  0.0%-2.0%

Packaging: 190kg HDPE Drum / IBC Container. Purged with Nitrogen

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