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Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed is obtained from the seed of grape plant by refined method. The grape contains 2 to 4 pips from which 12 to 13% of oil.

For cosmetics application, the grape seed oil is particularly appreciated for the presence of flavonoids that have excellent antioxidant properties. Rich in linoleic acid, it regenerates and restructures the skin. It is an economic support in aromatherapy. Possesses a high smoke point of 478F (248C) and can be used for cooking. It is also used in food products for its benefits on the lipid and cholesterol level in blood. 


 Palmitic Acid        C16:0 6.0-10.0%
 Stearic Acid          C18:0 1.0-5.0%
 Oleic Acid             C18:1 13.0-40.0%
 Linoleic Acid        C18:2 58.0-77.0%
 Linolenic Acid      C18:3 0-1.0%
 Arachidic acid      C20:0  0-0.3%

Packaging: 190kg HDPE Drum / IBC Container. Purged with Nitrogen

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