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Camellia oil

Camellia oil  is obtained from the seed of camellia by refined method. It seed contains 35%~38% oil.

Camellia oil is rich in fatty and essential fatty acids and is said to contain up to 85% oleic acid, Camellia oil can moisten lung, remove heat, calm wind and help mind, it is the lightest and clearest oil. Camellia oil is widely applied in personal care formulations also possesses a high smoke point of 485F (251C) and can be used for cooking.


 Palmitic Acid       C16:0 8.0-10.0%
 Stearic Acid         C18:0 1.5-3.5%
 Oleic Acid            C18:1 78.0-86.0%
 Linoleic Acid       C18:2 7.0-10.0%

Packaging: 190kg HDPE Drum / IBC Container. Purged with Nitrogen

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