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Walnut Oil

Walnut OilWalnut oil is obtained from the walnut by refined method. It seed contains 50%-70% oil.

The walnut oil is also been called the oriental oliver oil. It presence of the ALA, too scarce in current food, which prevents from cardiovascular diseases and acts on the nervous system. It is a powerful regulator of blood cholesterol. The walnut oil also contains vitamin E which confers hydrating and anti-ageing properties. 


 Palmitic Acid          C16:0 6.0-8.0%
 Stearic Acid            C18:0 0.5-3.0%
 Oleic Acid               C18:1 10.0-30.0%
 Linoleic Acid          C18:2 58.0-62.0%
 Linolenic Acid       C18:3 10.0-15.0%
 arachidic acid       C20:0  0.0-0.5%

Packaging: 190kg HDPE Drum / IBC Container. Purged with Nitrogen

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