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Peony seed oil

Peony seed oil  is unique Chinese woody nut oil obtained from the seed of peony plant by refined method. It seed contains 18%-28% oil. 

it is nutrient-rich and unique, named as "the world's best oil", is a vegetable oil's treasures . Peony seed oil contains 90% unsaturated fatty acid or more, especially over 40% w-3 unsaturated fatty acids linolenic acid , which is 140 times olive oil.  Reduce blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure for health supplement. And also can be used as anti-oxidation, persistent effect guarantees wet, protecting the skin against external Environmental stimuli for cosmetic application.


 Palmitic Acid          C16:0 0.54%
 Stearic Acid            C18:0 2.27%
 Oleic Acid               C18:1 27.73%
 Linoleic Acid          C18:2 21.4%
 a -Linolenic Acid   C18:3 ω3 33.87%

Packaging: 190kg HDPE Drum / IBC Container. Purged with Nitrogen

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